Are Your Oakleys Fake?

If you are in the market for Oakley sunglasses, you should learn how to tell the difference, otherwise you could easily end up with a fake Oakley pair. The cheap price may imply that the glasses are not genuine. Oakley is one of the leaders in sports eyewear, offering some of the best sunglasses you can own. When you invest in a pair or two, you naturally want to make sure you’re buying the real thing, especially if you’re shopping online. Want to find out if your Oakley is real or fake? We summarize the main rules for easily spotting fake Oakleys. From your standard Oakley Fives Squared to otherworldly Medusa goggles, we’ve got the best general tips and frame-specific guidance.

Follow this guide to distinguish fake Oakleys from the real thing. Read on as we cover our top tips and you’ll be a fake Oakley expert before you know it!

Quick Visual Assessment Of Product Quality

In most cases, just one look can tell if you’re dealing with cheap knockoffs. Genuine Oakley sunglasses are made of high quality durable plastic, metal and rubber. On the other hand, knockoffs are often hastily cobbled together using the cheapest available materials – which shows.

Spend as much time checking as possible. If a supplier tries to distract you, rush you, or prevent you from handling their merchandise, they may have something to hide.

Price and Quality

The most obvious way to tell if there are fake Oakley sunglasses is how much you paid for them. If you’re buying sunglasses well below the MSRP, chances are they’re not genuine. The suggested retail price sets a designated amount for each style to ensure retailers get the right amount of profit from the wholesale price they pay for sunglasses. Cutting the MSRP beyond a reasonable amount should always be a red flag.

Oakleys are engineered for performance, giving your sunglasses maximum clarity. This means the lenses on real sunglasses will be crystal clear and perfectly coloured to block out the sun while ensuring optimum visibility. Traditional sunglasses lenses can distort the image or make them appear larger than they actually are. Oakley genuine lenses give you a more realistic and accurate view of your surroundings without any blur or blurry distractions.


The rubber on genuine Oakleys is soft and slightly spongy for a comfortable all-day fit. It should almost feel like you’re not wearing glasses at all. Hard, rough, or ill-fitting ear socks and nose pads are a clear sign that someone is trying to pull fast. Removable ear socks on fake glasses may be easier to move around, or easy to put on and take off when you’re not wearing them.

Hinge inspection

O Matter is Oakley’s proprietary frame material used on most Oakley sunglasses. It’s a pre-dyed nylon material, which means the frame’s color is always true to any edge or hinge. Beyond that, arm movement should be smooth throughout its entire range of motion, thanks to Oakley’s sturdy all-plastic hinge. The fake frame may chip or peel and look a different color on the inside of the hinge.

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