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The difference between real and fake Oakley sunglasses

I did some research when buying sunglasses to prevent me from buying fake Oakley sunglasses. The Oakley brand was created in 1975. American science madman Jim Jannard is the founder of this brand. You may not know that they started out with not sunglasses but motorcycle handles. I’m curious how they transformed. But Oakley’s ultra-high-tech sunglasses completely fascinated me. HDO high-definition optical technology was invented by Oakley. This shocked me very much. I always thought that sunglasses were simply used to protect from light. It turns out that they can also make the vision clearer. They even block UV rays as well as glare and harmful blue light. We use sunglasses in life and sports, so they also have a high degree of impact resistance. This can prevent a certain degree of damage to the eyes.

Fake Oakley sunglasses

Fake Oakley sunglasses are bound to be worse in this regard. They may not be as sturdy and have less protection from light. What amazes me the most is that the Oakley waterproof lenses also eliminate static charge. This also means they won’t be covered in dust. Their protective layer is amazing. But if it is not genuine, this function will be weakened. So this can be the basis for our judgment.

Oakley’s ultra-high performance meets the needs of professional athletes and can also be used by the military. I’ve observed that Oakley sunglasses sale come in a lot of colors and look great. So they are equipped with the function of freely removing and changing lenses and even temples. I have to say that the designer is very thoughtful. I have a brief understanding of their fashion styles. As the top brand of outdoor sports sunglasses, it is also very outstanding in fashion. They have many types of lens shapes. Coupled with unparalleled high performance, they are sought after by many celebrities.
Based on the above information, I fully understand Oakley’s positioning in the market and the technical content they have. Therefore, we can think that the top sunglasses naturally have a high price. But often someone falls into the price trap. Fake Oakley sunglasses on the market aren’t usually cheap either, but they’re still a lot less expensive than the real thing. These sunglasses are almost identical in function and appearance to the real thing. When you’re not obsessed with true or false, fake Oakley sunglasses are a good choice. But I still put together 2 identification methods for your reference.

Two Difference

First of all, we need to know that Oakley sunglasses have many styles and styles, such as limited edition, military edition, sports edition and so on. For the military version, information such as the production date and brand logo will be engraved on the inside of the frame. You should note that these engravings are laser engraving. They are very smooth. Secondly, there will be a brand O-shaped logo on the temples. Usually where the frame and temple meet. If the details are rough then there is a good chance they are fake. Not to mention that they are misaligned or discolored. Another point that is easier to ignore is that the model and focal length of the sunglasses are also marked on the sunglasses. You have to look for it.

Oakley has carton dust bags and instruction manuals. The most important thing is the warranty card. The printing quality of the packaging box is very important. You can tell from the color and clarity of the ink used. Secondly, there must be a white label on the side. There are two different barcodes on the label. What you have to do is judge whether the information is consistent. If it doesn’t match, it’s definitely fake. If you have a dust bag, you can check to see if there is any excess thread. After all, it is impossible to open the line under the level of high technology. The logo of the oval letter O can also be seen if it is on the surface.