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How to spot the fake oakley Frogskin sunglasses

Oakley frogskin is a very classic sunglasses series. So on the market, there are many fake oakley Frogskin sunglasses. So how should I tell if they are genuine or fake?

fake oakley Frogskin sunglasses

Details of fake Oakley sunglasses

The difference between real and fake is mainly in the lenses, because the most important feature of Oakley’s lenses is that they are equipped with HDO lenses. When you wear Oakley sunglasses, your vision is HDO. If you think your vision looks blurry, it is probably a fake.

Its lenses have a 100% UV protection coating. It protects against harmful rays and protects your eyes from light irritation. The lenses are also impact resistant and generally exaggerated to stop bullets. Oakley is in partnership with the U.S. Army, so many soldiers are fitted with Oakley glasses. On the battlefield with the glasses that may save lives may be Oakley, is so amazing.

Genuine Oakley sunglasses frame material is memory rubber, is able to bend the frame and can return to the original state, the lens can be separated from the frame. So the lenses are generally free to match. The fake Oakley sunglasses frame has no toughness and is easy to break when bending occurs.

Now the real and fake glasses cloth is also the bag containing the glasses is anti-static. The small o label on the bag is anti-counterfeit general fake don’t do that o side will have a lot of anti-counterfeit small o. Look carefully at the high-definition optical technology logo called HDO. Genuine Oakley eyeglasses bag with thick material, delicate fabric, uniform color.

Design of fake Oakleys

And the fake frogskin oakley sunglasses case is very rough. Genuine eyeglass legs and lenses are very transparent, the logo is narrow and the inlay fits perfectly. Fake logo is very elliptical, inlay is not perfect, there will be hairy edges appear. There are also screws lens leg side screws. Genuine glasses fixation screws are six-slot plum buckle, imitation inverted slip anti-loose special screws. And imitation screws are just ordinary four-slot screws.

In fact, the main thing about real and fake Oakley frogskin sunglasses is that the real lenses are high definition and resistant to falling. We can generally feel the great technology of its lenses after trying on the genuine glasses. And the real lenses are very hard, If you hit the lenses, you can judge the resistance of the lenses and identify the real ones.