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How to distinguish true and fake Oakley sunglasseses

The Oakley series is worth buying glasses series, which are produced in the United States. The local popularity in the United States is very high. Almost one out of 20 pedestrians on the street wears Oakley. So, how should we effectively distinguish Oakley sunglasses?

OAKLEY glasses subvert the concept of glasses products because it integrates the comfort, practicality and artistry of glasses. Both product design and selected materials have undergone a series of advanced scientific experiments and tests. It ensures comfort and high quality. It also allows function and fashion to be highly integrated. Look at the following introductions of genuine Oakleys to identify the true and false together.

Oakley’s practicality & science

The authentic Oakley’s patented technology lenses can block 100% ultraviolet light and blue light.The clarity is beyond the American ANSI industrial standard.

If you find that the sunglasses you bought cannot withstand ultraviolet light. Unfortunately, you may not buy genuine Oakley. If the clarity is not enough, you also need to identify it in time.

Oakley’s protectiveness

Oakley combined high-quality sports frames with self-developed anti-shatter lenses to sunglasses.Tailoring to the shape of the face.and keeping it comfortable for a long time.it can also protect the eyes.

Sunglass lenses can also be replaced as needed. Oakley sports goggles are made of high-impact patented materials.It have high-strength,good thermal adjustment.And anti-sensitivity patented super soft pads.So it can absorb the greatest impact.

The rubber gel of the nose pads of genuine oakley glasses is soft and smooth.And will not cause discomfort by rubbing the bridge of the nose.However,The rubber at the imitation nose pads is relatively hard.So may cause discomfort when worn for a long time.

Oakley’s water resistance & dust resistance

Oakley’s lenses also use the latest waterproof technology. In addition, these lenses are easy to clean.and compared with ordinary lenses, they can maintain a longer cleanliness and higher water resistance.If the waterproof performance of the glasses you buy is average, then you have to consider identifying it.

After comparing the authenticity of Oakley sunglasses above, are you more confident in identifying the Fake Oakley sunglasses? As long as you compare carefully, you are not afraid of being fooled.

Tips to spot fake Oakley sunglasses

Look at the glasses cloth

Genuine oakley eyeglass cloth is made of thick material, fine cloth grain, uniform color, and Oakley HDO high-definition optical technology logo on the stitching of the eyeglass bag. And fake Oakley generally do not have this high-definition optical technology logo, only in the bag body has a simple printed logo.

Look at the appearance of the eyeglass case

Genuine oakley eyeglass case with smooth material, fine and even texture, fine workmanship. And imitation glasses box texture is relatively rough and appears loose, especially the workmanship and authentic products have a large gap, there will be hairy edges or threads.

Look at the logo

Genuine eyeglass legs and lenses have a strong sense of transparency, the logo is narrow and inlaid with a perfect fit. The fake logo is closer to the oval shape in comparison, the inlay is also not perfect, there will be hairy edges appear.

Look at the glasses nosepiece

Genuine oakley eyeglasses nosepiece of rubber gel soft and smooth, will not rub the nose bridge and cause discomfort, and glasses under the frame highly fit. The rubber at the imitation nosepiece is hard and will cause discomfort when worn for a long time.

Look at the screws

Genuine glasses fixed screws are six-slotted plum buckle imitation inverted slip anti-loosening special screws. And the imitation screws are just ordinary four groove screws.

Look at the glasses legs

The spacing between the two legs of genuine oakley glasses is wide, about equal to the average width of most people’s skulls, comfortable to wear, no sense of pressure. The imitation leg spacing is much narrower, wearing a little longer will have a sense of pressure.

How to Spot Fake Oakleys

These are some general rules in spotting fake Oakley sunglasses. If you’re trying to find model-specific guidance, please scroll to the rock bottom of this text and inspect the link.

We’ve taken these information from a variety of sources and thanks to them we can share it with you.

Check the worth

The price of Oakley is $100-$500+, so if you’re seeing new Oakleys are selling for $20-$30, they’re 99% knock off Oakleys. It is possible to find out fake Oakley sunglasses on sites like eBay or the Oakley Forum Exchanges, but you’ll want to try to do your homework before buying a pair of cheap fake Oakley sunglasses.

Check the spelling

It is a simple one, but does anyone think Oakley would spell their own name wrong? Whether its “Oakly”, “Oakely”, “Oakey” etc., the lower end fakes often have misspellings within the title. It is usually a dead giveaway to show around and run!

Check they exist

This term is employed by fake Oakleys collectors to explain the terrible fake Oakley sunglasses that never even existed! A fast Google search will tell you if Oakley ever made the model you’re close to buying.

Look up the SKU

Often Oakleys have a Serial or SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number on the within of the arm stems. These numbers usually start with OO on new pairs, followed by alphanumeric codes, like OO9999-99. On older and vintage couples, the SKU/Serial number may be a sign of numbers separated by a hyphen like 99-999.

Beware the sticker

Beware of large stickers on your lenses. Polarized Authentic Oakleys may accompany a little P sticker on one glass, but there are rarely other stickers on the lenses. Those lenses are Oakley’s pride and joy – they don’t want to mess with them. Generally, the legitimate labels will only inform you about the glasses information, usually differentiating them from standard ones.

Inspect the ear socks

Usually, on fake Oakleys, the ear socks are thinner and should slide on and off very quickly. They are made by cheap plastic. Additionally, you’ll notice a niche between the frame and the ear socks due to the misaligned parts. On fake Oakley sunglasses, it’s not uncommon for the ear socks to be poorly cut and not fit for the structure.

Notice the dimensions

Fake Oakleys could also be smaller than real ones. Not surprising that the people trying to scam you and they would like to save lots of materials. The fake Oakley’s Straight Jackets (left) are significantly smaller than the authentic pair on the proper. If you’re buying a pair of Oakley, which are much lower than you previously remembered, this might be the reason.

Never made by Oakley

It might sound pretty basic, but not everyone knows the entire line-up of Oakley. They see a pair of sunglasses and they just like them. They see it’s the Oakley logo, and assume it’s real. Oakley has some pretty exciting sunglasses styles. You can run a picture, then search and see what comes up. If they don’t crop up on any legitimate sites, they’re fakes.

How To Identify Fake Oakley Sunglasses

In 1975, Oakley was co-founded by Jim·Janard and basketball star Michael Jordan.Since its inception, Oakley has been producing cross-country racing goggles for the mainstream, after many years of design, production and market demand experience, they use high-tech technology to create a series of high-performance fashion glasses.Up to now, Oakley represents a young, comfortable, but also a never-ending spirit, always on the road of development and innovation.

Because of this, people’s love for the brand has led to the emergence of a large number of fake Oakley Sunglasses on the market. Therefore, we must master the way to distinguish the authenticity of Oakley glasses.

Can carry on the discrimination of true and false basically from the following a few respects.

First:Look at the outside of the case

Genuine Oakley Sunglasses case with smooth materials, fine texture uniform, fine workmanship.The texture of the imitation glasses case is relatively rough and loose, especially the workmanship and the genuine products have a big gap, there will be rough edges or thread.

Second:Look inside the glasses case

The sponge lining inside the lid of the genuine sunglasses case is made by pressing and molding at high temperature, with good elasticity, fine and even foam and smooth edges.Imitation here damage – proof sponge lining is not the whole, and the foam loose, poor elasticity.The glasses slot in the genuine glasses case is cut neatly and the gap is moderate. After the glasses are put into the case, they can be completely stuck in it. Even if the glasses case is turned upside down, the sunglasses and the original complimentary lenses will not fall off, so as to ensure that the glasses have no friction during the carrying process.The imitation is just a few pieces of simple foam pad.

Third:See the logo

Authentic glasses legs and lenses have a strong sense of permeability, logo long and narrow, inlaid fit perfectly. Compared with the fake logo, it is closer to the oval shape, and inlaid is not perfect. There will be rough edges.

Fourth:Look at the nose rest of the glasses

Genuine Oakley Sunglasses nose bracket rubber soft smooth, will not rub the bridge of the nose and cause discomfort, and sunglasses lower frame height fit.Imitation nose rest of the rubber is relatively hard, wear for a long time will have discomfort.

Fifth:Look the screw

The fixing screw of the genuine glasses is the special screw for preventing the release of the imitation slip of the six-slot plum blossom buckle.And the imitation screw is just a common four groove screw.

These are some techniques for identifying fake Oakley sunglasses, but in addition to mastering these techniques, going back to the source to avoid buying fake Oakley sunglasses should be best purchased on Oakley ‘s official website and in authoritative official stores.

As an innovative fashion brand, Oakley ‘s obsession with innovation is exactly what we appreciate about it. Therefore, we should respect Oakley brand itself and stay away from imitation.

How to Spot Fake Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley sunglasses are both functional and fashion with excellent texture. However, with the Oakley moving into the big market, there are lots of fake Oakleys producer profited from this market. Let me share some simple ways of how to spot fake oakley sunglasses with you.

Look at the sunglasses case

Real Oakley case is made of smooth material with fine and even texture, but they did not have any labels/bar codes on the outside of the case to identify what is inside the case. The fake Oakleys case is relatively coarse, appearing loosely. What’s more, the fake oakleys has bigger gap, compared with genuine one, which can exist burr edge or thread head. Although they have Oakley logo on their cases, they looks grainy and low resolution.

Look at the sunglasses bag

The genuine Oakley sunglasses bag is made of thick material, fine cloth texture and uniform color. The stitching of the sunglasses bag is marked by Oakley HD optical technology. However, the fake products generally do not have such high-definition optical technology labels, and only have simple printed labels on the bag body.


Look at the quality of the sunglasses

Check the quality and weight of the framework. The real Oakley is made of high quality and durable metal and plastic, so they looks textured. The matiral of replica Oakleys appears cheap and light.

Check the”Made in U.S.A” logo

The real oakley sunglasses logo should be found on the inside arms of the frames.It can be either painted, engraved or molded. Original Oakley Sunglasses are manufactured in USA only, not in China or Taiwan.

Check the “O” logo

The real Oakley sunglasses legs and lenses are transparency. The logo is long but narrow, and the mosaic fit perfect. Compared with the original Oakley logo, fake one is closer to the oval shape, and the inlay is not perfect. There will be rough edges on the logo.

Check its legs

The genuine Oakley sunglasses have a wide spacing between the right and left legs that is the average width of people’s skulls, which makes them comfortable and unpressurized. The copy lens leg spacing is much narrower. Long time wearing will increase pressure.

After the above common sense of real Oakley and fake Oakleys comparison, are you more confident in identifying Oakley sunglasses true and fakes? As long as you can contrast carefully, no matter where you buy Oakley sunglasses from, it should be easy to distinguish the real and fake Oakley sunglasses through the above steps.