How to spot fake oakleys

Oakley is an American sports brand that produces all kinds of functional glasses. Oakley is so famous in the United States that one out of every twenty people on the street wears Oakley glasses. But just like other brands, Oakley can’t escape the fate of being copied. Today’s Chinese market is flooded with a lot of Oakley fakes. Therefore, this article will teach you how to distinguish between true and fake Oakley.

How to spot fake oakleys
How to spot fake oakleys

1. Price

Generally , fake Oakley will be much cheaper than real Oakley. The retail price of Oakley currently on the market is usually $100 to $500, so if you buy Oakley that is significantly lower than this price, it is likely to be a counterfeit.

How to spot fake oakleys
How to spot fake oakleys

2. Spelling

This is easy to see. The real Oakley can’t make such a low-level mistake. Whether it is “Oakley”, “Okely”, “Okely”, “Foakley”, etc., fake Oakley usually spells errors.

3. Frame

Most Oakley glasses frames are made of pre-dyed plastic. Therefore, the color of the entire plastic frame is the same. If you find that the color of the frame is different, or the coating is peeling off, it can basically be determined to be a fake. In addition, there are some Oakley glasses with special design patterns or directly made of metal. The surface coating of the frame of these Oakley glasses uses high-quality lacquer, which is not easy to wear. In addition, counterfeit Oakleys often have imperfect finishing, if you run your finger along it, you could feel it.

How to spot fake oakleys
How to spot fake oakleys

4. Model

Some counterfeit manufacturers will fabricate models of Oakley glasses that do not exist at all. This is something we need to pay attention to. The most direct solution is to go to Oakley’s official website to find and compare.

How to spot fake oakleys
How to spot fake oakleys

5. SKU

The SKU is an identification that is often alphanumeric. In older Oakleys, the SKU typically is a sequence of 2 numbers, a dash, and then 3 numbers. An example of a SKU for a pair of Half Jackets is 03-609.If you see a SKU with random letters, or a longer string of numbers than what’s been identified above, they may be counterfeits. It’s a good idea to plug your SKU into a search engine and see what pops up.

How to spot fake oakleys
How to spot fake oakleys


Some Oakley glasses have logos and some do not. If the ones on Oakley’s site don’t have “Oakley” over the nose bridge, and yours do, then what you’ve got is fake .

How to spot fake oakleys
How to spot fake oakleys

7. Size

The fake Oakley is usually smaller than the real Oakley because the merchant wants to save manufacturing costs.

8. Paper

Genuine Oakley will come with a warranty papers, quickly read the paper to see if there are spelling errors, in case it is a counterfeit paper.

How to spot fake oakleys
How to spot fake oakleys

How to distinguish true and fake Oakley sunglasseses

The Oakley series is worth buying glasses series, which are produced in the United States. The local popularity in the United States is very high. Almost one out of 20 pedestrians on the street wears Oakley. So, how should we effectively distinguish Oakley sunglasses?

OAKLEY glasses subvert the concept of glasses products because it integrates the comfort, practicality and artistry of glasses. Both product design and selected materials have undergone a series of advanced scientific experiments and tests. It ensures comfort and high quality. It also allows function and fashion to be highly integrated. Look at the following introductions of genuine Oakleys to identify the true and false together.

Oakley’s practicality & science

The authentic Oakley’s patented technology lenses can block 100% ultraviolet light and blue light.The clarity is beyond the American ANSI industrial standard.

If you find that the sunglasses you bought cannot withstand ultraviolet light. Unfortunately, you may not buy genuine Oakley. If the clarity is not enough, you also need to identify it in time.

Oakley’s protectiveness

Oakley combined high-quality sports frames with self-developed anti-shatter lenses to sunglasses.Tailoring to the shape of the face.and keeping it comfortable for a long can also protect the eyes.

Sunglass lenses can also be replaced as needed. Oakley sports goggles are made of high-impact patented materials.It have high-strength,good thermal adjustment.And anti-sensitivity patented super soft pads.So it can absorb the greatest impact.

The rubber gel of the nose pads of genuine oakley glasses is soft and smooth.And will not cause discomfort by rubbing the bridge of the nose.However,The rubber at the imitation nose pads is relatively hard.So may cause discomfort when worn for a long time.

Oakley’s water resistance & dust resistance

Oakley’s lenses also use the latest waterproof technology. In addition, these lenses are easy to clean.and compared with ordinary lenses, they can maintain a longer cleanliness and higher water resistance.If the waterproof performance of the glasses you buy is average, then you have to consider identifying it.

After comparing the authenticity of Oakley sunglasses above, are you more confident in identifying the Fake Oakley sunglasses? As long as you compare carefully, you are not afraid of being fooled.

How to tell the real Oakleys from the fake

Check the packaging details of Oakley sunglasses.

Oakley sunglasses packaging details as shown above, glasses, cardboard box, dust bag, instructions and genuine warranty card is standard, glasses box is not all styles have.
Oakley sunglasses packaging carton, different styles of printing patterns will vary, here to check the quality of the box printing is clear, the brand logo and descriptions match.

Oakley sunsunglasses packaging carton label All boxes should have a white label on the side, with two different bar codes and details corresponding to the style, color and model of the glasses. It is important to note here that the details should be consistent with the actual glasses and instructions.

The dust bag is standard for Oakley sunsunglasses, different styles of sunglasses have different patterns and so on, but the same is the surface is smooth, feel fine. Note that the alignment of the dust bag should be neat and delicate without wires, the label should have Oakley’s oval O logo or HDO logo, embroidered logo should be clear and delicate, the pattern is correct.

Oakley sunglasses part of the style with glasses case. The eyeglass case has the oval O logo on the front and the zipper head. Note that the eyeglass case should be of high quality and the brand logo is exquisitely made without burrs, etc. Some Oakley eyeglass cases are handbags or other styles, but they should all have the oval O logo on them.

Check the workmanship of Oakley sunglasses and the information on the inside of the temples.

Oakley sunglasses have a military version also has a sports limited edition and many other types. Military version of the replaceable lenses as shown below will have the production date, brand logo and other information laser engraving, note that the engraving should be clear, neat, will not feel burrs, etc..

Oakley sunglasses lenses
Oakley glasses legs and frame riveted parts usually have oval or square brand O-shaped logo, here pay attention to see whether the logo workmanship is exquisite, should not be misaligned or gap skewed and other phenomena.

Oakley sunglasses leg logo
Oakley sunglasses inside the left leg as shown below will have the model, focal length, size and other belief information, the middle will have a small Oakley O logo, and pay attention to these information should be consistent with the packaging label and other descriptions.

Oakley sunglasses left temple information
Oakley glasses on the inside of the right temple is the MADE IN U.S.A. logo, as well as the EU certification CE mark, note that the origin will not have other countries, only the United States

How to spot the fake oakley Frogskin sunglasses

Oakley frogskin is a very classic sunglasses series. So on the market, there are many Oakley put frogskin fakes. So how should I tell if they are genuine or fake?

The difference between real and fake is mainly in the lenses, because the most important feature of Oakley’s lenses is that they are equipped with HDO lenses. When you wear Oakley sunglasses, your vision is HDO. If you think your vision looks blurry, it is probably a fake.

Its lenses have a 100% UV protection coating. It protects against harmful rays and protects your eyes from light irritation. The lenses are also impact resistant and generally exaggerated to stop bullets. Oakley is in partnership with the U.S. Army, so many soldiers are fitted with Oakley glasses. On the battlefield with the glasses that may save lives may be Oakley, is so amazing.

Genuine Oakley frogskin sunglasses frame material is memory rubber, is able to bend the frame and can return to the original state, the lens can be separated from the frame. So the lenses are generally free to match. The fake Oakley sunglasses frame has no toughness and is easy to break when bending occurs.

Now the real and fake glasses cloth is also the bag containing the glasses is anti-static. The small o label on the bag is anti-counterfeit general fake don’t do that o side will have a lot of anti-counterfeit small o. Look carefully at the high-definition optical technology logo called HDO. Genuine Oakley eyeglasses bag with thick material, delicate fabric, uniform color.

And the fake frogskin oakley sunglasses case is very rough. Genuine eyeglass legs and lenses are very transparent, the logo is narrow and the inlay fits perfectly. Fake logo is very elliptical, inlay is not perfect, there will be hairy edges appear. There are also screws lens leg side screws. Genuine glasses fixation screws are six-slot plum buckle, imitation inverted slip anti-loose special screws. And imitation screws are just ordinary four-slot screws.

In fact, the main thing about real and fake Oakley frogskin sunglasses is that the real lenses are high definition and resistant to falling. We can generally feel the great technology of its lenses after trying on the genuine glasses. And the real lenses are very hard, If you hit the lenses, you can judge the resistance of the lenses and identify the real ones.

Tips to spot fake Oakley sunglasses

Look at the glasses cloth

Genuine oakley eyeglass cloth is made of thick material, fine cloth grain, uniform color, and Oakley HDO high-definition optical technology logo on the stitching of the eyeglass bag. And fake Oakley generally do not have this high-definition optical technology logo, only in the bag body has a simple printed logo.

Look at the appearance of the eyeglass case

Genuine oakley eyeglass case with smooth material, fine and even texture, fine workmanship. And imitation glasses box texture is relatively rough and appears loose, especially the workmanship and authentic products have a large gap, there will be hairy edges or threads.

Look at the logo

Genuine eyeglass legs and lenses have a strong sense of transparency, the logo is narrow and inlaid with a perfect fit. The fake logo is closer to the oval shape in comparison, the inlay is also not perfect, there will be hairy edges appear.

Look at the glasses nosepiece

Genuine oakley eyeglasses nosepiece of rubber gel soft and smooth, will not rub the nose bridge and cause discomfort, and glasses under the frame highly fit. The rubber at the imitation nosepiece is hard and will cause discomfort when worn for a long time.

Look at the screws

Genuine glasses fixed screws are six-slotted plum buckle imitation inverted slip anti-loosening special screws. And the imitation screws are just ordinary four groove screws.

Look at the glasses legs

The spacing between the two legs of genuine oakley glasses is wide, about equal to the average width of most people’s skulls, comfortable to wear, no sense of pressure. The imitation leg spacing is much narrower, wearing a little longer will have a sense of pressure.

You Can Tell Real Oakleys From Fake Oakleys By These Details

The quality of the fake Oakleys will get better. And they will be all over the internet. So how do you know that the Oakley you’re buying isn’t a high-fashion Oakley? Please note the following.

1. price

A pair of real Oakley sunglasses will usually cost at least $50.00 and that is if they are used, old and probably worse for wear. Out of the box brand new ones are likely to be in the $80-$100+ range at least. Admittedly, it does depend on the model number (and whether the seller is honestly wearing sunglasses). It’s always a good thing to check the frames against retail prices and other frames in the same condition. If you still decide to do so, here are some other identifiers to look out for.

2. Markings on the lens

For limited editions such as the Tour de France, MLB or Ferrari models, some Oakley lenses will have something other than “polarized” or “Pritz” on the etch film. You can also get some custom etchings from Oakley. Some goggles, such as those used in M frames, will have “Oakley” etched into the top of the nose, above the bridge. However, if the Oakley icon (a round O or square O icon) is printed on the lens, they are replica Oakley sunglasses.

Oakley will not place icons on standard non-prescription lenses, nor will they print on lenses; any markings will be etched. If you see paint on a lens, travel in the other direction.

Please note that this applies to non-prescription lenses. Genuine Oakley prescription lenses may have the Oakley “O” etched into the lower corner of the lens. Bulletproof and industrial lenses will also have a small “O” etched into the lens.


fake Oakleys
fake Oakleys

SKU (pronounced “sk-yew”) is a logo, usually alphanumeric. In the older Oakley, the SKU is usually a sequence of 2 numbers, a dash and 3 digits. An example SKU for a pair and a half jacket is 03-609.

The newer versions are longer and begin with a double “O” (letter, not zero). Four numbers, a “-“, plus two more numbers. An example is the Tron Legacy Gascans, which has a SKU of OO9143-03.

There are some exceptions, as some Asian Fit models will use the same format of the 5-number sequence (i.e. 03-609) and then add the “J” at the end.

If you see an SKU with random letters or a longer string of numbers than the one identified above, it may be a counterfeit product. It’s a good idea to plug your SKU into a search engine and see what pops up. Some counterfeiters are putting real Oakley SKUs on their replicas, but those real SKUs rarely match the models they’re printing. For example, if you buy a pair of Holbrooks but one of the SKUs gives search results for Straight Jackets, you probably have some fake Oakley on your hands.

On used models, the SKU may have expired, so don’t be too alarmed if you don’t have one – unless the seller claims they are new, and then you may want to reconsider your purchase as a new Oakley should still have an SKU. On online models, sometimes the SKU is located under the ear cups.

4. shredded topcoat

Many of Oakley’s plastic frames are made from pre-dyed plastic, which means that the plastic pellets used to form the sunglasses are infused with dye so that the plastic is the same color throughout. If the frame is to be folded in half, the interior color of the plastic should be the same as the exterior color. This is not true of all Oakley’s, especially those with designs or metal frames. Those that are painted have a high quality coating that should withstand normal wear and tear for some time.

Forgeries are usually painted and lack the heavy duty outer coating to seal it. If you fold the stem and look at the hinge area, you may notice a color difference. Also, the paint often chips, scratches or peels easily.

5. Logo Location

replica Oakley sunglasses
replica Oakley sunglasses

Many counterfeiters slap “Oakley” on the frame and call it good – not caring if their fake model actually has the Oakley logo in the same spot. This is especially common on the bridge of the nose. If the Oakley website doesn’t have “Oakley” on the bridge of the nose, and you do have “Oakley” on the bridge of the nose, then you have a fake. Lifestyle frames such as Holbrooks and Frogskins are popular imitations, and fakes often come with misplaced logos.

6. Frame materials

There are several styles of sunglasses available in a variety of frame materials. For example, the Jupiter line has metallic Jupiter carbon and plastic Jupiter squared. These frames have the same shape, so if you use a metal Jupiter, it does not necessarily mean it is fake. You can read more about identifying Oakley Jupiters. However, some styles are only available in one material. If you come across a pair of metal extractors, they are 100% fake Oakley. If you come across a pair of plastic Juliets, they are also not real.

7. Rising Seas

Knockoff Oakleys often have an imperfect finish and the plastic frame may have raised lines during the molding process. On a genuine Oakley, this seam is almost imperceptible. You can pick it out with your eyes, but if you slide your finger along it, you won’t be able to feel it.

8. Stickers

knockoff Oakley sunglasses
knockoff Oakley sunglasses

The latest Oakley glasses with polarized lenses will come with a programmed “P” for static attachment. But they’ll never have the sticky, self-adhesive label that leaves a residue when it’s pulled off.

9. Never made by Oakley

It seems pretty basic, but not everyone knows Oakley’s entire lineup. They see a pair of sunglasses they like, see it with the Oakley logo, and assume it’s real. Stubborn Oakley fans who like to participate in frequent forums call it a style, especially “Fandango.” Oakley has some very interesting sunglass styles, but if you think the styles there are too small, do an image search and see what happens. If they don’t appear on any legitimate site, they are fakes.

10.Made in the USA

“Made in the USA” stamps used to be an indicator as to whether you were dealing with a real pair of Oakleys or some fakes. This is no longer the case, as not all Oakley sunglasses are made in the United States.

Authenticity of Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley’s glasses are not cheap. If you are looking for an agent to buy, you must be vigilant. It is not worthwhile to spend so much money on a fake Oakleys. We must master the method to distinguish Oakley glasses.

Look at the appearance of the glasses case

The authentic Oakley glasses case is made of smooth materials, fine and uniform texture, and fine workmanship. The texture of the imitation glasses case is relatively rough and loose, especially the workmanship is far from the original one, and there will be burrs or threads.

Look inside the glasses case

The loss-proof sponge lining inside the cover of the authentic glasses case is made of high-temperature integral compression molding, with good elasticity, fine and uniform cotton foam, and smooth edges. The damage-proof sponge lining of the imitation product here is not integral, and the cotton foam is loose and elastic. The glasses groove in the genuine glasses case is neatly cut and the gap is moderate. And the glasses can be completely stuck in it after being put in. Even if the glasses case is upside down and the original attached lenses will not fall off, to ensure that the glasses are frictionless during carrying. The imitations are just a few simple foam pads.

Look at the logo

How to Spot Fake Oakleys
How to Spot Fake Oakleys

The authentic temples and lenses have a strong sense of transparency. The logo is long and narrow, and the mosaic fits perfectly. In comparison, the fake logo is closer to an oval shape. What’s more, the inlay is not perfect, and there will be burrs.

See glasses nose pads

How to Spot Fake Oakleys
How to Spot Fake Oakleys

The rubber of the nose pads of genuine Oakley glasses is soft and smooth. It will not rub the bridge of the nose to cause discomfort. Also, it fits the lower frame of the glasses highly. The rubber at the imitation nose pads is relatively hard, which will cause discomfort when worn for a long time.

Look at the screw

The fixing screw of the genuine glasses is a special screw that mimics the slippage and prevents loosening of the six-slot plum buckle. The replica Oakley sunglasses screws are just ordinary four-slot screws.

Look at the temples

The distance between the two temples of the authentic Oakley glasses is relatively wide, which is approximately equal to the average width of most people’s skulls, and is comfortable to wear without feeling of pressure. The distance between the knockoff Oakleys temples is much narrower, and it will feel oppressive if you wear it longer. Since OAKLEY’s image is only in the scope of sports and leisure, world-renowned athletes are proud to use OAKLEY products to protect their eyes.

How To Spot Fake Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

In 1975, American scientific madman Jim Jannard started Oakley with $300. From the development of new motorcycle handles to highly technological optical sunglasses, Oakley has always been at the forefront of technology. Many extraordinary creative designs and new technology applications in Oakley glasses. The High Definition Optics technology invented by Oakley has clearer vision and 100% UV and glare isolation, while having strong impact resistance. Oakley waterproof lens coating has the function of eliminating static charges, does not absorb dust, and has an excellent protective layer against sweat, oil, and skin care products. Many high-performance advantages make Oakley glasses a standard for US special operations forces.

The packaging details of Oakley Holbrook glasses are shown in the picture above. Glasses, paper boxes, dust bags, instruction manuals and genuine warranty cards are standard, but not all glasses cases are available.

The packaging carton of Oakley Holbrook sunglasses has different printing patterns for different styles. Here, you must check whether the printing quality of the packaging box is clear and whether the brand logo and description match.

Packaging carton labels for Oakley Holbrook sunglasses. All boxes should have a white label on the side, with two different barcodes and detailed information such as the style and color model of the corresponding glasses. It should be noted that the detailed information should be consistent with the physical glasses and instructions.

Dust bag is the standard configuration of Oakley Holbrook sunglasses. Different sunglasses have different patterns, but the same is that the surface is smooth and the hand feels delicate. Note that the routing of the dust bag should be neat and delicate. The label should have Oakley’s oval O logo or HDO logo. Also, the embroidery logo should be clear and delicate, with correct patterns.

Fake Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses VS Real

1. Check the packaging and country of origin. All Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are made in the United States, so the box and information brochure should be stamped “Made in the United States”. The counterfeiter is obviously trying to imitate this, but you can usually tell from the pattern of the letters. And the consistency can be seen in both the box and the brochure. The suitcase has a zipper, which is made of a hard material similar to fabric but a combination of plastic and other materials.

2. Check the frame. Oakley frames have several distinctive features that guarantee creativity. The most important is the iconic “O” on all Oakley products.

Authentic Oakley Holbrook sunglasses have an “O” on the temples instead of etched or engraved inscriptions. Inside the arm, you can always find the SKU, which is the identification number of the frame (newer Oakley frames have a longer SKU, starting with a double “O” instead of zero).

After that, there are four numbers, a dash, and two other numbers-cross-reference it with the serial number on the box.

3. Check the nose pads and lenses. Check the rubber nose bridge. The real frame should feel soft and spongy, while the fake Oakleys feels hard and smooth.

The overall quality of the nose bridge may be a good way to prove authenticity. Oakley ads have etchings and inscriptions on the lenses, so you can tell if Oakley sunglasses have these features or spelling errors, and if they are fake.

How To Identify Fake Oakley JAWBREAKER Sunglasses

How To Identify Fake Oakley JAWBREAKER Sunglasses

In order to uncover the mystery of fake products, I deliberately selected an object that is closely related to riders’ riding, trying to show the so-called “price ratio” of fakes, and then explore whether the money spent on genuine products is worth it.

Oakley JAWBREAKER has been very popular since it was launched. It can be seen from top races such as Tour de France and Giro d’Italia, to cycling activities for self-entertainment. Oakley JAWBREAKER, the shape of full sense of science and technology, breakthrough all-enclosed design. The explosive JAWBREAKER is selling well in major online stores, and some stores have amazing transactions. What are the characteristics of these fake Oakley JAWBREAKER?

fake Oakley JAWBREAKER

First of all, in addition to the same color scheme as the official Oakley, manufacturers are even more ingenious, launching many color schemes that are not even official. Many people feel sorry for Oakley, “If only you had so many colors”. Knockoff Oakley JAWBREAKER lenses are engraved with “PRIZM” in the lower right corner. Could the Oakley PRIZM lens also be compromised? So apart from the color, what difference will these knockoffs have from the original products? Is there any difference between fakes from different manufacturers?
With these questions, I deliberately bought a pair of Oakley JAWBREAKER (white and black color matching + PRIZM lenses), and bought the fake same-color glasses called “TP90 Ultimate Edition” and the normal PC version of the fake same-color glasses. At the same time, in order to understand whether there are differences in products from different manufacturers, I bought the “TP90 Ultimate Edition” glasses from another store as a reference, and chose different colors for comparison.


▲From the appearance of the packaging box, the biggest difference is the size. The authentic JAWBREAKER box is smaller than the previous product packaging. The manufacturer has reduced the number of replacement lenses included, so there is no need to use an oversized box.

How To Identify Fake Oakley JAWBREAKER Sunglasses

▲When fake Oakleys are copied even with barcodes, consumers really have to keep their eyes open and distinguish them. Fortunately, the paper material and printing quality of the fake outer packaging are always a bit poor, otherwise, it really has to be fooled.

▲The Oakley JAWBREAKER only has one pair of lenses, so the size of the soft shell is much smaller. The content consists of glasses, cloth bag, soft shell, manual, elevator, and replacement nose pads. The overall configuration is slightly “shabby” compared with the previous products. .

The cottage here seems to be like KFC’s family bucket. There are not only three replacement lenses, but also manuals, replacement nose pads, cloth bags, and glasses wipes. There are even postcards to thank you for buying. I really don’t know what to say. Well, just in terms of the richness of the configuration, the cottage is “kind” enough, no wonder some car friends feel that buying a cottage is “happy” than buying a genuine product.

▲However, more configuration does not mean good quality. Looking at the manual, the printing quality on the left (cottage) and the right (genuine) are pale in comparison, rough and toothy.

How To Identify Fake Oakley JAWBREAKER Sunglasses

Frame differences:

▲Looking at the frame alone, I believe that many people find it difficult to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit at a glance. According to the standard of GB/T14214-2003 “Basic Requirements and Test Methods for Spectacle Frames”, by visually inspecting the appearance of spectacle frames without the aid of a magnifying glass or other similar devices, you may be able to find the true difference between the fake and the genuine.

▲The genuine logo has a metallic luster, slender ellipse and sharp edges and corners. This is the high-quality workmanship that a genuine product should have.

▲The color of the high imitation logo is relatively dim, and the oval logo is slightly bloated. I have to say that the high imitation models in the cottage have also worked hard. The O mark of the aviation aluminum alloy logo is not low in cost. If you have the money, do it yourself What a good brand.

▲The high imitation of another manufacturer also has the same problem, and it has been scratched before use

How To Identify Fake Oakley JAWBREAKER Sunglasses

▲The logo color of low imitation products is also dim

▲The difference between genuine and counterfeit products on the temples is relatively small. Even the width of the seams that test the accuracy of the mold is controlled fairly uniformly. However, the plastic material still mercilessly betrays the identity of the counterfeit. What’s wrong with Kung Fu”.

▲The internal logo reveals the differences in the molds of the counterfeit products. The authentic (top) JAWBREAKER logo is clear and unobtrusive, but the high imitation product appears a bit “excessively”, too sharp and too prominent. The low imitation product is limited by the material, which is jokingly called the “white marble” material (the editor Nikon D750 is embarrassing that it can’t match the focus…). In addition, the position of the buckle screws for the adjustment of the temples is quite different: the genuine screws are better hidden, and the high imitation ones even stick out, which makes people wonder whether they will come out during use. In addition, there are also differences in the workmanship of the joints between the temples and the mirror body, and there are even “nozzles” in the high imitation products-indicating that the processing of the plate is very imprecise.

How To Identify Fake Oakley JAWBREAKER Sunglasses

▲The genuine temples have a limited device, so the lenses will not be worn when the temples are closed, while the fake products do not have this device, and there is still room for movement when the temples are closed. The end of the temples will touch the lens, and long-term wear will reduce the lens. life.

▲The quality of genuine screws is relatively good, while those of counterfeit screws have different specifications and shapes, which makes people wonder whether they will fall off due to their durability.

▲The locking buckle more intuitively reflects the difference between the genuine and the fake. The metal buckle of the counterfeit product is darker. Although the counterfeit product is very close to the original in metal material, the metal paint has a heavy feeling and layer Sense can never match the genuine product.

▲The locking mechanism reflects the frame material of the copycat. Compared with the genuine product, the locking buckle of the copycat product feels hard and obscure, and it often happens that the card does not enter and the card is not tight.

▲Another notable difference is that the original product is equipped with a sponge pad to protect the lens, while the cottage products do not have this pad, and the wear of the lens is just around the corner!

▲The workmanship of the temples shows the lack of “sincerity” in the counterfeit products. It is not an exaggeration to describe the shoddy products. The temples are made of brittle materials with burrs, and the rubber is very hard. Wearing something soft and sensitive to the back of the ear Skin, the consequences of long-term wear are disastrous.

▲The authentic product is engraved with L and R on the temples to distinguish the left and right. Although the eyes are not good enough to distinguish the left and right of the temples, the sincerity of the authenticity can still be felt in the details. The temples are soft and tough. The non-slip rubber is soft and skin-friendly. Based on this, the editor wanted to throw the cottage Oakley out of the window, but after thinking about the follow-up evaluation, I had to give it up.

How To Identify Fake Oakley JAWBREAKER Sunglasses

Frame summary:

▲Strictly speaking, the biggest difference between a genuine product and a copycat is the material and feel.

In terms of material, the genuine Oakley uses self-developed O Matter memory plastic. This material has the characteristics of safety, non-toxicity, light weight, durability, and high elasticity. In actual use, the frame texture is relatively solid, and there is no light “plastic” sense”. The copycat product claims to use TR90 material. TR90 material is also a polymer material with memory function. It is ultra-light, ultra-tough, and chemically resistant. It is more suitable for use as a frame. Unfortunately, the surface treatment is relatively rough. There is always a lingering feeling of cheap plastic in the hand,

▲The Oakley uses Switchlock technology to quickly open the frame and replace the lens. Although the counterfeit product also uses a similar structure, the main body material and bearing of the mechanism are quite different from the original one, so the hand feel is not good, and There are differences in specifications of lenses from different manufacturers, making it very difficult to change lenses.

▲Genuine Oakley Unobtainium non-slip rubber temples and nose pads enhance the grip and comfort of wearing, and reduce skin irritation. The nose pads and temples of counterfeit products have rough workmanship, and it is not clear which material they use It is also worrying whether the pores of the unexplained rubber will release toxic substances after sweating during exercise.

▲The treatment of spherical joints can also show the attitude of genuine products and counterfeit products, which is also the main factor affecting the experience of use.

▲Through experimentation, a unique problem of counterfeit products has emerged-the frame cannot be closed naturally, which may be embarrassing caused by the elasticity of the materials used in counterfeit products and the tolerance of the mold.


▲Therefore, every time foakley replaces the lens, it must be “straightened” with great power.

▲In terms of weight, the knockoff Oakleys won, but it was not glorious to win by cutting corners.

How to Spot Fake Oakleys

These are some general rules in spotting fake Oakley sunglasses. If you’re trying to find model-specific guidance, please scroll to the rock bottom of this text and inspect the link.

We’ve taken these information from a variety of sources and thanks to them we can share it with you.

Check the worth

The price of Oakley is $100-$500+, so if you’re seeing new Oakleys are selling for $20-$30, they’re 99% knock off Oakleys. It is possible to find out fake Oakley sunglasses on sites like eBay or the Oakley Forum Exchanges, but you’ll want to try to do your homework before buying a pair of cheap fake Oakley sunglasses.

Check the spelling

It is a simple one, but does anyone think Oakley would spell their own name wrong? Whether its “Oakly”, “Oakely”, “Oakey” etc., the lower end fakes often have misspellings within the title. It is usually a dead giveaway to show around and run!

Check they exist

This term is employed by fake Oakleys collectors to explain the terrible fake Oakley sunglasses that never even existed! A fast Google search will tell you if Oakley ever made the model you’re close to buying.

Look up the SKU

Often Oakleys have a Serial or SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number on the within of the arm stems. These numbers usually start with OO on new pairs, followed by alphanumeric codes, like OO9999-99. On older and vintage couples, the SKU/Serial number may be a sign of numbers separated by a hyphen like 99-999.

Beware the sticker

Beware of large stickers on your lenses. Polarized Authentic Oakleys may accompany a little P sticker on one glass, but there are rarely other stickers on the lenses. Those lenses are Oakley’s pride and joy – they don’t want to mess with them. Generally, the legitimate labels will only inform you about the glasses information, usually differentiating them from standard ones.

Inspect the ear socks

Usually, on fake Oakleys, the ear socks are thinner and should slide on and off very quickly. They are made by cheap plastic. Additionally, you’ll notice a niche between the frame and the ear socks due to the misaligned parts. On fake Oakley sunglasses, it’s not uncommon for the ear socks to be poorly cut and not fit for the structure.

Notice the dimensions

Fake Oakleys could also be smaller than real ones. Not surprising that the people trying to scam you and they would like to save lots of materials. The fake Oakley’s Straight Jackets (left) are significantly smaller than the authentic pair on the proper. If you’re buying a pair of Oakley, which are much lower than you previously remembered, this might be the reason.

Never made by Oakley

It might sound pretty basic, but not everyone knows the entire line-up of Oakley. They see a pair of sunglasses and they just like them. They see it’s the Oakley logo, and assume it’s real. Oakley has some pretty exciting sunglasses styles. You can run a picture, then search and see what comes up. If they don’t crop up on any legitimate sites, they’re fakes.