How to distinguish the true and false of GUCCI sunglasses

Gucci was founded in 1921 as a leather goods store. Since then, Gucci has gradually developed into a well-known brand, producing a wide range of high-quality luxury goods. Because the brand is so well known, it can be difficult to tell if you’re buying a genuine or fake unless you’re buying from a reputable store. However, there are several ways to tell if a Gucci sunglasses purchase is genuine or fake, such as checking the details on the glasses, checking the accessories, buying from reliable sources, etc.

Check wording or spelling.

This is the most convenient way to judge the authenticity of glasses. Counterfeit glasses may have words like “inspired by”, “like”, or even misspelled “Gucci” on purpose. Check the parts of the glasses for spelling mistakes.
Look inside the sunglasses. All Gucci sunglasses are made by the Safilo Group in Italy. There should be CE (Conformité European) after “Made in Italy”, which means the European Community (CE is a safety certification mark).
If the paint peels off, the sunglasses are probably fake.

Check the model number.

There should be a model number after the letters GG (short for Guccio Gucci), the number is four numbers, followed by the letter “S” for sunglasses. Do a web search for this model number and the results should look a lot like your glasses. Sometimes counterfeiters add mismatched model numbers to glasses.
You can also check out the color codes. Color codes have five digits and can be all letters, all numbers, or a mix of numbers and letters.

Check nose pads.

Check your glasses if they have nose pads. The metal piece between the nose pads should have the Gucci logo engraved on it. Many fake Gucci sunglasses do not have this logo on the nose pads.
Do a polarization test. Even black sunglasses are not necessarily polarized. Put on your sunglasses and look at your computer monitor from a different angle. If the lenses darken at a certain angle, that means they are polarized.
Check hinges. Genuine Gucci sunglasses don’t have plastic hinges and don’t use screws to attach the hinges to the frame. In fact, there are no screws on the entire sunglasses. After checking the hinge, test for movement. The hinges should turn smoothly without stuttering.

Check the weight.

Fake sunglasses often cut corners. Although genuine Gucci sunglasses are not very heavy, they will be more textured in the hand. You can search the Gucci store online to find out the weight of your glasses.
Have a genuine card and warranty card. Genuine Gucci sunglasses come with an authenticity card and a warranty card in the bag. A genuine card is a card enclosed in an envelope. The back of the card has information on the color and style of the glasses. Compare the information on the card with the information on the glasses to make sure they match.

Check retail bags.

Genuine Gucci glasses should go in a Gucci bag. The bag has the “Gucci” logo in the same font as the glasses. Newer bags are usually brown in color and have a gold font, and will vary in color and style from older bags.
Be aware that fake sunglasses may also be in the original packaging.
Check your sunglasses bag.

There should be a sunglasses bag in the bag, and the logo and font on the bag should be the same as those on the bag and glasses. Check that the pins on the bag are neat. The new glasses bags are usually brown and have a gold font, but the old ones have different styles.
Check the brown glasses cloth. There should also be a glasses cloth in the bag. There is a Gucci logo in the middle of the cloth, which is the same as on the glasses, bags and bags. Even if it is an old model, the cloth for glasses should be the same style as the other accessories.

Check plastic bags.

Sunglasses should be packed in a plastic bag. The bag has the manufacturer’s label on it. Check the label information, it should match the one on the glasses.

Buy from reliable sources

Buy from a Gucci store. The surest way to be sure to buy genuine Gucci sunglasses is to go directly to a Gucci store. There is no doubt that the sunglasses bought in this way are genuine, and there is no need to distinguish the authenticity. Not every store has a specialty store though, so it’s also possible to buy directly from Gucci’s online store.
If ordering online, make sure the package has not been opened or tampered with.
Buy from upscale retail stores. If buying directly from a Gucci store is not possible, another sure-fire way is to buy from a reliable retailer. For example, Gucci products are sold in department stores such as Beijing SKP, Shanghai 66 Plaza, Guangzhou TaiKoo Hui, etc. These places are also reliable channels for purchasing luxury goods. These stores are sometimes separate facades, but are usually located within shopping malls.
Make sure the online store has a return policy. If you must buy from Gucci or an online retailer other than a high-end department store, make sure the store has a return policy. Sunglasses should only be purchased if the store has a return policy and the seller is trustworthy and reputable. This allows you to check the authenticity of the glasses before deciding whether to return them.
Don’t buy from street vendors. Vendors can often be seen peddling so-called “luxury goods” on busy streets. These things are generally fake. Judgment can be made from the price or after a quick check. Don’t buy from roadside stalls unless you can accept fakes.

Check prices.

Gucci sunglasses are famous for their high prices, generally more than 1,500 yuan. Genuine sunglasses can’t be much lower than this price.

Choose the right lens material

Choose scratch-resistant lenses

Fake Oakley Sunglasses are useless after being scratched. Lenses made of NXT polyurethane are impact resistant, flexible, lightweight, and have high optical clarity, but are expensive.

Glass is heavier, more expensive, and “cracks” when dropped.

Polycarbonate has less scratch resistance and optical clarity than NXT polyurethane or glass, but is more affordable.

Polyamide is a lesser-used material that provides glass-like optical clarity without the risk of shattering.

The scratch resistance of different polycarbonate lenses varies significantly, depending on the hardcoat surface used in production.

Acrylic materials are less expensive, but have the worst durability and optical clarity. They are also less heat resistant and often deform. Glass or resin material is the best choice.

Choose the suitable frame

Fake Oakleys with Round frames are suitable for square faces, rectangular frames are suitable for heart-shaped faces, and square frames are suitable for round faces.

If your eyes are smaller, you can try choosing darker lenses, which can make the eyes appear larger.

Remember to check that the lenses are smooth and free of scratches, air bubbles or spots before buying.

Check that the sunglasses are the right size and won’t slip off your face. If you’re playing sports, you need to be aware of your surroundings, and your sunglasses could be thrown out if you’re not careful.

When traveling, be sure to store your sunglasses in a hard case for protection; otherwise, you could sit on it and crush your sunglasses.

Make sure the sunglasses look and feel right on your face. Sunglasses that are too small or too big, too heavy, or look good but don’t feel comfortable are not for you.

Be sure to check that the lenses are dark enough.

Sunglasses with light, white or pink frames and lenses will stand out on darker skin.

When not wearing, keep your knockoff Oakley sunglasses in a safe place to avoid scratching the lenses.

How to distinguish true and false Oakley sunglasses on the market?

There are now more and more substandard Oakley sunglasses on the market. So, from which aspects should we judge?

Diopter, Sunglasses belong to the Flat Lens series

According to the national standard, sunglasses are only allowed to have a diopter of plus or minus 8 degrees at most, beyond this error range is an unqualified product. The measurement of diopter requires a professional measuring device “focal meter”, which cannot be evaluated at will. According to the detection of sunglasses on the market by scientific researchers, nearly 30% of the sunglasses have a diopter exceeding the tolerance, and some are even as high as 20 degrees. Experts pointed out that consumers with normal vision wearing such sunglasses are like wearing a pair of glasses for shortsightedness or farsightedness. After a summer, consumers will be “trained” into patients with myopia or farsightedness by inferior sunglasses. When you experience symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and glare after wearing sunglasses, you should stop wearing them immediately.

Safety performance indicators

Sunglasses with safety performance, whose lenses are made of impact-resistant materials such as PC lenses and TAC lenses, are often marked with “impact resistance”, “approved by the US FDA”, “compliant with the highest standards in Europe and the United States” on the labels and instructions. If the product can meet the requirements on the label, consumers who have special requirements for safety such as motorcyclists and drivers are a good choice. Consumers should learn to protect themselves about the promises made on product labels. Either keep the labels or instructions well, or let the merchants mark them on the invoice. Once a dispute occurs, they will not be passive due to lack of evidence.

Models and Specifications

Models and specifications are generally printed on the temples, not on the legs.

Packaging and accessories and after sales

Genuine glasses should have the manufacturer’s or general agent’s certificate, manufacturer’s manual, mirror box, mirror cloth and some original accessories. The workmanship of the box, frame and mirror cloth is generally fine. Genuine sunglasses should have a complete accessories service of 3 months or more.

Product channel

Domestic licensed sellers should have brand authorization documents, and there are basically no overseas channels. There is a customs clearance certificate for imported goods, but there is no such document for overseas direct delivery goods. Experts remind consumers that when buying sunglasses, they should go to regular stores to buy well-known brands; when buying, they should try them on first, and compare whether the color difference before and after wearing is obvious, so that the color of objects seen after wearing sunglasses is different. Distortion is appropriate.

fake Oakleys

How to identify Oakley glasses are real or fake

Oakley glasses overturned the concept of traditional eye products, and its design can subtly blend the comfort, practicality and artistry of glasses. The production process of Oakley products is very rigorous. The materials and design of the products have gone through a series of advanced scientific experiments and tests. Oakley’s sunglasses have always been ahead of similar brands and have a high level of technology. Oakley sunglasses have to go through the real experience and testing of athletes in different sports. Oakley can also be the first choice for holiday gifts. However, in recent years, some merchants have appeared many imitations in order to pursue improper interests. Knowing some distinguishing skills about buying Oakley.

1:Look at Oakley’s glasses bag

Oakley’s glasses bag has a unique logo. Generally on the left or right side of the bag. This logo is a high-definition optical technology logo. The authentic Oakley spectacle bag is made of thick materials, fine texture, uniform color. And the stitching of the spectacle bag has the Oakley HDO high-definition optical technology logo. For imitation products, the spectacle bag equipped with the imitation product is not only obviously different from the original in terms of materials, but also does not have the high-definition optical technology logo. What’s more, it only has a simple printed logo on the bag body.

2:Look at the nose pads of Oakley glasses

The selection and design of genuine Oakley materials have undergone a series of scientific tests and have a high level of craftsmanship. The nose pads on the glasses are made of rubber, which is very soft and smooth. People will not rub the bridge of the nose and cause discomfort during long-term wearing. The material of imitation nose pads usually cannot reach a high level, and there is obvious discomfort after long-term wearing.

3:Look at the temples of the glasses

In order to ensure the comfort of wearing, Oakley glasses will take the distance between the two temples into consideration when designing. Take a closer look, we will find that the spacing of Oakley glasses will be wider, which is approximately equal to the average width of most people’s skulls. The distance between the imitation temples is much narrower. And it will feel oppressive if you wear it for a longer time.

4:Look inside the glasses case

The loss-proof sponge lining inside the cover of the authentic glasses case is made of high-temperature integral compression molding, with good elasticity, fine and uniform cotton foam, and smooth edges. The damage-proof sponge lining of the imitation product here is not integral. And the cotton foam is loose and the elasticity is poor. The glasses groove in the genuine glasses case is neatly cut and the gap is moderate. The glasses can be completely stuck in it after being put in. Even if the glasses case is upside down and the original attached lenses, they will not fall off, so as to ensure that the glasses are free of friction during carrying. The imitations are just a few simple foam pads.

This is what I want to share with you on how to distinguish the authenticity of Oakley glasses. We understand these simple common sense, we can effectively avoid being infringed by fakes. In life, buying anything requires us to keep our eyes open.

How To Spot Fake Oakley sunglasses

Oakley is a relatively well-known brand in the United States, and it is one of the best in sunglasses. In 1975, American scientist Jim Jannard had built up Oakley. Because the Oakley was established by scientist so that the products are always using the advanced technique to produce.

However, the most worth buying of Oakley brand is the sunglasses. Oakley is well-known in the United States, and one out of 20 pedestrians on the street wears Oakley sunglasses. Because Oakley’s price is in the upper mid-range and is popular with a wide audience, fake Oakley sunglasses are now flooding the market. So let’s take close to check whether you Oakley glasses is authentic rather than fake.

Where Oakley products are manufactured:

The first key point to identify whether your Oakley is authentic one is to check where your Oakley glasses is made. Oakley is a local brand in the United States, and his products are only produced in the United States. Therefore, you can find the place of production of the product printed on the label. If the place where the product was produced says Made in U.S.A, then this Oakley product may be a real one.

Whether the frame and temples of Oakley glasses are exquisite in workmanship:

Oakley glasses usually have an oval or square’s O-shaped Oakley logo at the connection between the frame and the temples.In addition, we also need to pay attention to check whether the workmanship of this logo is exquisite.If the logo is misaligned or tilted, then the Oakley glasses are fake.Or rather, it has gap skew that is fake one as well.

Check whether the product information of Oakley glasses is complete:

The first step to get the Oakley glasses, all we have to do is to check the inside of the shock on the left side of the Oakley glasses. There will be information about the model, focal length and size of the glasses on the left temple, and there will be a small Oakley logo in the middle of these information.

Then the next thing we have to do is to check the information on the left side of the glasses with the information on the outer packaging label. If the information is not completely consistent, then the pair of Oakley glasses in your hand may be fake.

At the same time, the information on the right temple of Oakley glasses should be checked. The mirror leg on the right side of the frame is marked by the mark of MADE IN U.S.A. and the CE mark certified by the European Union.

More importantly, you can go to the official website of Oakley Glasses to inquire about a single pair of Oakley glasses. If it is not found, then unfortunately, your Oakley glasses may be fake.

Check if the lenses of Oakley’s eyes are thick enough

Real Oakley glasses have thicker lenses, while fake Oakley glasses have thinner lenses. In most cases, the lens thickness of fake Oakley glasses is only two-fifths of the thickness of real Oakley glasses. In addition, the lens of real Oakley glasses has a very strong anti-wear function, and the hardness of real Oakley’s eyes is very impressive, and it can even block bullets.

I hope people who read this article can use those points to distinguish the authenticity of Oakley glasses.

OLIVER PEOPLES launches RESORT glasses series

Los Angeles, California – Oliver Peoples’ Resort series shows the brand’s perfect craftsmanship with its exquisite and ingenious details. Each design has been ingeniously constructed, incorporating unprecedented unique custom elements. The series includes 4 sunglasses-Shai, Evey, Bianka and Irven, and two new optical lenses-Whitt and Elerson. In addition, the iconic Daddy B and M-4 30th have also launched a new color scheme.

Resort series sunglasses show a relaxed and stylish attitude with minimalism and avant-garde logo of the early 90s. Shai is made of titanium, with a retro oval frame and double beam design to create a clean and modern fashion. Evey is a women’s sunglasses with sharp edges and corners, which makes confident women exude glamour. Bianka uses colorful beveled sheet material with a flat and long shape to inject a touch of special style into the classic cat eye. Irven is a unique unisex sunglasses. The thick front frame of the plate texture highlights the charming avant-garde style.

This series of optical glasses products have added a new category, playing with the material of the sheet at will. Ultra-thin titanium metal design, showing elegant beauty and modern clean lines. The texture of the board highlights the exquisite gold and silver filament pattern, creating a unified style of decorative details. The material of the optical glasses, whether plate material, enamel metal or Windsor edged metal, has all undergone two-color treatment. As a retro-style optical mirror, Whitt reproduces the ultimate exquisite appearance with a simple aesthetic design. Elerson, an innovative work of brand lens shapes, has a natural and classic design.

Oliver Peoples is honored to announce the re-launch of one of its most iconic styles-Daddy B

The Daddy B, which was first released this summer, has become the most watched sunglasses in the industry and is still widely known today. The sunglasses have been featured in many prestigious magazines and have been favored by countless celebrities such as Jay Z, Kate Moss, Kanye West and John Legend. Daddy B now launches four new colors.

Exquisite titanium frame with stylish and simple lines. Shai uses a double beam design with a smaller retro oval frame. The ultra-thin sheet material creates a bright and gorgeous visual effect.

Women’s angular sunglasses are designed for confident women. The frame, temple horns and temples are all decorated with the iconic feather engraved gold and silver filament craftsmanship. The upward design of the frame and the smart translucent lens make it even more eye-catching.

These sleek, flat cat-eye sunglasses are inspired by the fashion icons of the early 90s. Oliver Peoples gives it a unique style change. The color beveled sheet material combined with the vibrant glass lens exudes a charming modern charm.

Unique unisex sunglasses, thick frontal visual effects and thin frame top design exude a bold retro atmosphere. Create an avant-garde and dynamic frame.

The oversized frame design launched in this summer series. Daddy B has become one of the most watched sunglasses in the industry.

Reinterpret retro-style optical frames with minimalism. These glasses are made of ultra-thin titanium metal, which is exquisite and outstanding.

An innovative creation of the brand’s lens shape, its design is natural and classic. The functional decorations on the frames and temples complement the sheet material and the eye-catching bridge of the nose.


Speaking of Oakley, we will think of its outstanding patented technology. All Oakley lenses are from the United States. Cheap Oakleys uses a patented technology called molecular level fusion, or molecular injection technology to make sunglasses lenses. This makes knockoff Oakleys lens technology superior to the sandwich technology of other lenses and avoids The light offset and optical distortion caused by layer-by-layer bonding are also greatly improved. On the other hand, the durability and toughness of the lens are greatly improved. The elastic temples and soft nose pads form a 3-point support to ensure that the glasses can be hung firmly on the face. Judging from the elasticity of the temple joints, the sunglasses have a high tolerance for the head shape and can be worn by normal adults. There are also many details of the intimate design, such as the sweat drain system, the quick wiping of the lens, and the extremely light weight. With superior technology, its appearance is both stylish and individual.

And in recent years, Oakley has been co-designing with other designers or brands, launching more styled series of sunglasses, keep advancing on the road of the trend.

Oakley Spikes X VETEMENTS.

Vetements, a renowned fashion brand. Oakley and its cooperation series show the trend to the extreme. At the 2019 spring conference of Paris Fashion Week, Vetements showed off the sunglasses with long spikes in collaboration with Oakley, which combined street fashion items and punk decoration styles. And it absolutely attracted everyone’s attention as soon as they appeared. Designer Demna Gvasalia takes “subculture” as the theme, and rivet has become the main element of the series, combined with fluorescent special-shaped lenses and frames, showing the ultimate Punk temperament.


Oakley has also cooperated with the well-known sneaker shop, Sneaker Politics, a well-known sneaker store, to customize a pair of sunglasses, called Forgskins. The overall design is dominated by white, in which the frame is made of lightweight plastic. While the lens is made of Oakley’s signature High Definition Optics, to provide users with unparalleled impact protection and 100% UV filtering.


Oakley and WTAPS once launched a collaboration series with the theme of Motocross off-road motorcycles. Oakley is world-famous for its sunglasses, but the brand’s origin product is the grip of a motorcycle, and WTAPS has grasped this story as the theme of the cooperation between the two units and launched sunglasses based on LATCH KEY.


“ Sunglasses that can be used as you like.” This is the media’s evaluation of the sunglasses which is launched in this cooperation. Use PRIZM lenses to enhance color, lightweight and durable O Matter frames. Including  Hiroshi Fujiwara and many other creators are users.

“This is what we mean by fashion. Fashion is cool, young, comfortable, and it is a never-ending spirit, always sticking to the path of development and innovation.” So, since 1975, fake Oakleys has always paid attention to quality, and is also pursuing the combination of quality and trend.

How to tell the authenticity of Oakley sunglasses

OAKLEY glasses are excellent glasses that combine function and fashion. It is also a popular brand. How to prevent yourself from buying fake and inferior OAKLEY, you can distinguish the authenticity from the following aspects.

Glasses bag

The authentic OAKLEY spectacle bag is made of thick materials, fine texture, uniform color. There is Oakley HDO high-definition optical technology logo on it. Fake Oakleys generally do not have this high-definition optical technology logo, only a simple print on the bag body System identification.

Glasses case appearance

The authentic OAKLEY glasses case is made of smooth materials, fine and uniform texture, and fine workmanship. The texture of the imitation spectacle case is relatively rough and loose, especially the workmanship is far from the original one. And there will be burrs or threads.

The inside of the glasses case

The loss-proof sponge lining inside the cover of the authentic glasses case is made of high-temperature integral compression molding, with good elasticity, fine and uniform cotton foam, and smooth edges. The damage-proof sponge lining of the imitation product is non-integral. And the cotton foam is loose and the elasticity is poor. The glasses groove in the genuine glasses case is neatly cut and the gap is moderate. The glasses can be completely stuck in it after being put in. Even if the glasses case is upside down and the original attached lenses will not fall off, to ensure that there is no friction during the carrying of the glasses. The imitations are just a few simple foam pads.


The authentic temples and lenses have a strong sense of transparency. The logo is long and narrow, and the mosaic fits perfectly. In comparison, the fake logo is closer to an oval shape. The inlay is not perfect, and there will be burrs.

Glasses nose pads

The rubber gel of the nose pads of genuine OAKLEY glasses is soft and smooth, and will not cause discomfort by rubbing the bridge of the nose. And it fits closely with the lower frame of the glasses. The rubber at the imitation nose pads is relatively hard, which may cause discomfort when worn for a long time.


The distance between the two temples of the authentic OAKLEY glasses is relatively wide, which is approximately equal to the average width of most people’s skulls. And it is comfortable to wear without feeling of pressure. The distance between the imitation temples is much narrower. And it will feel oppressive if you wear it for a longer time.

Understand that to distinguish the authenticity from the physical appearance, the purchase channel should also choose large, regular merchants. You can buy it on OAKLEY’s official website, and there are also Oakley’s official stores on Amazon. Try to choose the way of offline purchase, get a clearer understanding of the details of the product, and more convenient after-sales service.

In a mixed trading market, if you want to buy authentic products, you need to keep your eyes open and be careful not to fall into the trap easily.

How to spot fake oakleys

Oakley is an American sports brand that produces all kinds of functional glasses. Oakley is so famous in the United States that one out of every twenty people on the street wears Oakley glasses. But just like other brands, Oakley can’t escape the fate of being copied. Today’s Chinese market is flooded with a lot of Oakley fakes. Therefore, this article will teach you how to distinguish between true and fake Oakley.

How to spot fake oakleys
How to spot fake oakleys

1. Price

Generally , fake Oakley will be much cheaper than real Oakley. The retail price of Oakley currently on the market is usually $100 to $500, so if you buy Oakley that is significantly lower than this price, it is likely to be a counterfeit.

How to spot fake oakleys
How to spot fake oakleys

2. Spelling

This is easy to see. The real Oakley can’t make such a low-level mistake. Whether it is “Oakley”, “Okely”, “Okely”, “Foakley”, etc., fake Oakley usually spells errors.

3. Frame

Most Oakley glasses frames are made of pre-dyed plastic. Therefore, the color of the entire plastic frame is the same. If you find that the color of the frame is different, or the coating is peeling off, it can basically be determined to be a fake. In addition, there are some Oakley glasses with special design patterns or directly made of metal. The surface coating of the frame of these Oakley glasses uses high-quality lacquer, which is not easy to wear. In addition, counterfeit Oakleys often have imperfect finishing, if you run your finger along it, you could feel it.

How to spot fake oakleys
How to spot fake oakleys

4. Model

Some counterfeit manufacturers will fabricate models of Oakley glasses that do not exist at all. This is something we need to pay attention to. The most direct solution is to go to Oakley’s official website to find and compare.

How to spot fake oakleys
How to spot fake oakleys

5. SKU

The SKU is an identification that is often alphanumeric. In older Oakleys, the SKU typically is a sequence of 2 numbers, a dash, and then 3 numbers. An example of a SKU for a pair of Half Jackets is 03-609.If you see a SKU with random letters, or a longer string of numbers than what’s been identified above, they may be counterfeits. It’s a good idea to plug your SKU into a search engine and see what pops up.

How to spot fake oakleys
How to spot fake oakleys


Some Oakley glasses have logos and some do not. If the ones on Oakley’s site don’t have “Oakley” over the nose bridge, and yours do, then what you’ve got is fake .

How to spot fake oakleys
How to spot fake oakleys

7. Size

The fake Oakley is usually smaller than the real Oakley because the merchant wants to save manufacturing costs.

8. Paper

Genuine Oakley will come with a warranty papers, quickly read the paper to see if there are spelling errors, in case it is a counterfeit paper.

How to spot fake oakleys
How to spot fake oakleys

How to distinguish true and fake Oakley sunglasseses

The Oakley series is worth buying glasses series, which are produced in the United States. The local popularity in the United States is very high. Almost one out of 20 pedestrians on the street wears Oakley. So, how should we effectively distinguish Oakley sunglasses?

OAKLEY glasses subvert the concept of glasses products because it integrates the comfort, practicality and artistry of glasses. Both product design and selected materials have undergone a series of advanced scientific experiments and tests. It ensures comfort and high quality. It also allows function and fashion to be highly integrated. Look at the following introductions of genuine Oakleys to identify the true and false together.

Oakley’s practicality & science

The authentic Oakley’s patented technology lenses can block 100% ultraviolet light and blue light.The clarity is beyond the American ANSI industrial standard.

If you find that the sunglasses you bought cannot withstand ultraviolet light. Unfortunately, you may not buy genuine Oakley. If the clarity is not enough, you also need to identify it in time.

Oakley’s protectiveness

Oakley combined high-quality sports frames with self-developed anti-shatter lenses to sunglasses.Tailoring to the shape of the face.and keeping it comfortable for a long can also protect the eyes.

Sunglass lenses can also be replaced as needed. Oakley sports goggles are made of high-impact patented materials.It have high-strength,good thermal adjustment.And anti-sensitivity patented super soft pads.So it can absorb the greatest impact.

The rubber gel of the nose pads of genuine oakley glasses is soft and smooth.And will not cause discomfort by rubbing the bridge of the nose.However,The rubber at the imitation nose pads is relatively hard.So may cause discomfort when worn for a long time.

Oakley’s water resistance & dust resistance

Oakley’s lenses also use the latest waterproof technology. In addition, these lenses are easy to clean.and compared with ordinary lenses, they can maintain a longer cleanliness and higher water resistance.If the waterproof performance of the glasses you buy is average, then you have to consider identifying it.

After comparing the authenticity of Oakley sunglasses above, are you more confident in identifying the Fake Oakley sunglasses? As long as you compare carefully, you are not afraid of being fooled.