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True and fake oakley jawbreaker sunglasses

In recent years, the cottage products in the mainland market have begun to explode large -scale and construction system. Unlike the previous behavior of sneaking manufacturing, mixing of authenticity and fake, and charging with good times, the current “Li Gui” has begun to make a fake price price. “High imitation”, “fine imitation” and even “perfect details”, the vocabulary layers such as “A cargo” and “ultimate version” are emerging endlessly. When consumers choose oakley jawbreaker sunglasses, they have laid one after another “landmine”. Essence.

Why do people buy cottage goods? The “pragmatism” and “face” mentality in traditional culture provides a hotbed for fake price buying prices. I saw in a few years ago was still fresh -about two testers who bought two D & G sunglasses purchased as counters, but told one of the testers to wear them. It’s fake Oakley sunglasses. The testers who think they are wearing “fake” sunglasses may be affected by the psychological of wearing fake goods. It performs very unnatural in the next test activity. Compared with the testers wearing “genuine” sunglasses difference.

oakley jawbreaker sunglasses

Chapter 1: Buying a cottage in psychological effects is the key

This experiment shows that people really care about whether the cottage of the product. But from another aspect, can it show that people lack the ability to identify the cottage of the product? Will this be the “rationality” explanation of cottage products -after all, most people cannot distinguish between cottage and genuine products.

“It’s good to use”, “I can’t see it”, these are commonly used rhetoric to buy cottages. But in the eyes of the editor, this is the saying of self -deception. What really affects the purchase of cottage decisions is the ratio of price and quality, and then It is called “cost -effective”. And different consumers have different prices of products, or they are different from “price sensitivity”. When the price of cottage is different from genuine products, buyers naturally reduce the quality of cottage products. And when the quality of cottage is increased, the cost of the product will inevitably increase and lead to the rise in prices. When the price reaches the critical value of his expectation value. He either choose to reduce Requires to buy cheaper products; either add budget and buy genuine products.

In fact, the quality of the cottage’s products can never be compared with the genuine product. In addition to the low imitation of “seeing a fake”, the high imitation and even imitation cottage goods are compared with the genuine product, and they will still show their feet.

Chapter II: Break the inside story of the cottage, the editor test the insurance with the body

In order to unveil the mystery of cottage products, Xiaobian specially selected an object that is closely related to riding riding to analyze. Trying to show the so -called “cost -effectiveness” of cottage products, and then explore the value of the authentic money. Provide some references for car friends to buy products.

The protagonist of this article: oakley jawbreaker sunglasses that are popular in the world: jawbreaker, “same” glasses with cottage.

Oakley sunglasses sale has been popular with O Fan since its listing. Back books, full -scale technology, breakthrough full surround design, of course, ordinary consumers will readily buy it. Of course, the cottage manufacturer will not give up this “opportunity”. The “explosive Jawbreaker” on a certain treasure is hot, and some shops have reached a surprising transaction volume. So what are the characteristics of these cottage Jawbreaker?

First of all, in addition to the same color matching as Oakley’s official, the manufacturers are ingenious and launched a lot of “special color” that even the official nobles. “”. The lenses are also engraved with the word “Prizm” in the lower right corner. So, in addition to color, what are the differences between these cottage goods and genuine products? Is there a difference between cottage goods of different manufacturers?

With these questions, Xiaobian specially purchased a genuine oakley jawbreaker sunglasses (white black color+prizm lens). And bought cottage of the same color glasses and ordinary PC version of cottage and same color glasses, which is known as the “TP90 Ultimate Edition”. Whether there are differences in different manufacturers’ products, they have purchased the “TP90 Ultimate Edition” glasses of another shop as a reference to choose different color matching to show comparison.

How To Identify Fake Oakley JAWBREAKER Sunglasses

How To Identify Fake Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses

In order to uncover the mystery of fakes, I specially selected an object that is closely related to riders’ riding, trying to show the so-called “cost-effectiveness” of fakes. And then explore whether the money spent on genuine products is worth it.

Oakley JAWBREAKER has been very popular since it was launched. It can be seen from top races such as Tour de France and Giro d’Italia, to cycling activities for self-entertainment. Oakley JAWBREAKER, the shape of full sense of science and technology, breakthrough all-enclosed design. The explosive JAWBREAKER is selling well in major online stores, and some stores have amazing transactions. What are the characteristics of these fake Oakley JAWBREAKER?

fake Oakley JAWBREAKER

First of all, in addition to the same color scheme as the official Oakley, manufacturers are even more ingenious, launching many color schemes that are not even official. Many people feel sorry for Oakley, “If only you had so many colors”. Knockoff Oakley JAWBREAKER lenses are engraved with “PRIZM” in the lower right corner. Could the Oakley PRIZM lens also be compromised? So apart from the color, what difference will these knockoffs have from the original products? Is there any difference between fakes from different manufacturers?
With these questions, I deliberately bought a pair of Oakley JAWBREAKER (white and black color matching + PRIZM lenses), and bought the fake same-color glasses called “TP90 Ultimate Edition” and the normal PC version of the fake same-color glasses. At the same time, in order to understand whether there are differences in products from different manufacturers. I bought the “TP90 Ultimate Edition” glasses from another store as a reference, and chose different colors for comparison.


▲From the appearance of the packaging box, the biggest difference is the size. The authentic JAWBREAKER box is smaller than the previous product packaging. The manufacturer has reduced the number of replacement lenses included, so there is no need to use an oversized box.

How To Identify Fake Oakley JAWBREAKER Sunglasses

▲When fake Oakleys are copied even with barcodes, consumers really have to keep their eyes open and distinguish them. Fortunately, the paper material and printing quality of the fake outer packaging are always a bit poor, otherwise. It really has to be fooled.

▲The Oakley JAWBREAKER only has one pair of lenses, so the size of the soft shell is much smaller. The content consists of glasses, cloth bag, soft shell, manual, elevator, and replacement nose pads. The overall configuration is slightly “shabby” compared with the previous products. .

The cottage here seems to be like KFC’s family bucket. There are not only three replacement lenses, but also manuals, replacement nose pads, cloth bags, and glasses wipes. There are even postcards to thank you for buying. I really don’t know what to say. Well, just in terms of the richness of the configuration, the cottage is “kind” enough, no wonder some car friends feel that buying a cottage is “happy” than buying a genuine product.

▲However, more configuration does not mean good quality. Looking at the manual, the printing quality on the left (cottage) and the right (genuine) are pale in comparison, rough and toothy.

Fake Oakley Jawbreaker Sunglasses
How To Identify Fake Oakley JAWBREAKER Sunglasses

Frame Differences

▲Looking at the frame alone, I believe that many people find it difficult to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit at a glance. According to the standard of GB/T14214-2003 “Basic Requirements and Test Methods for Spectacle Frames”, by visually inspecting the appearance of spectacle frames without the aid of a magnifying glass or other similar devices, you may be able to find the true difference between the fake and the genuine.

▲The genuine logo has a metallic luster, slender ellipse and sharp edges and corners. This is the high-quality workmanship that a genuine product should have.

▲The color of the high imitation logo is relatively dim, and the oval logo is slightly bloated. I have to say that the high imitation models in the cottage have also worked hard. The O mark of the aviation aluminum alloy logo is not low in cost. If you have the money, do it yourself What a good brand.

▲The high imitation of another manufacturer also has the same problem, and it has been scratched before use

How To Identify Fake Oakley JAWBREAKER Sunglasses

Logo Color

▲The difference between genuine and counterfeit products on the temples is relatively small. Even the width of the seams that test the accuracy of the mold is controlled fairly uniformly. However, the plastic material still mercilessly betrays the identity of the counterfeit. What’s wrong with Kung Fu”.

▲The internal logo reveals the differences in the molds of the counterfeit products. The authentic (top) JAWBREAKER logo is clear and unobtrusive, but the high imitation product appears a bit “excessively”, too sharp and too prominent. The low imitation product is limited by the material, which is jokingly called the “white marble” material (the editor Nikon D750 is embarrassing that it can’t match the focus…). In addition, the position of the buckle screws for the adjustment of the temples is quite different. Such as the genuine screws are better hidden, and the high imitation ones even stick out, which makes people wonder whether they will come out during use. In addition, there are also differences in the workmanship of the joints between the temples and the mirror body, and there are even “nozzles” in the high imitation products-indicating that the processing of the plate is very imprecise.

How To Identify Fake Oakley JAWBREAKER Sunglasses

▲Genuine temples have limited fittings so the lenses do not wear out when the temples are closed. The fakes do not have this device. When the temples are closed, there is still room for movement. The end of the temples will touch the lens, and long-term wear will reduce the lens. life.

▲The quality of genuine screws is relatively good, while those of counterfeit screws have different specifications and shapes, which makes people wonder whether they will fall off due to their durability.


▲The locking buckle more intuitively reflects the difference between the genuine and the fake. The metal buckle of the counterfeit product is darker. Although the counterfeit product is very close to the original in metal material. And the metal paint has a heavy feeling and layer Sense can never match the genuine product.

▲The locking mechanism reflects the frame material of the copycat. Compared with the genuine product, the locking buckle of the copycat product feels hard and obscure, and it often happens that the card does not enter and the card is not tight.

▲ Equipped with a sponge pad to protect the lens, it is another notable difference of the original product. While the cottage products do not have this pad, and the wear of the lens is just around the corner!

▲The workmanship of the temples shows the lack of “sincerity” in the counterfeit products. It is not an exaggeration to describe the shoddy products. The temples are made of brittle materials with burrs, and the rubber is very hard. Wearing something soft and sensitive to the back of the ear Skin, the consequences of long-term wear are disastrous.

▲The authentic product is engraved with L and R on the temples to distinguish the left and right. Although the eyes are not good enough to distinguish the left and right of the temples. But the sincerity of the authenticity can still be felt in the details. The temples are soft and tough. The non-slip rubber is soft and skin-friendly. Based on this, the editor wanted to throw the cottage Oakley out of the window, but after thinking about the follow-up evaluation, I had to give it up.

How To Identify Fake Oakley JAWBREAKER Sunglasses


▲Strictly speaking, the biggest difference between a genuine product and a copycat is the material and feel.

In terms of material, the genuine Oakley uses self-developed O Matter memory plastic. This material has the characteristics of safety, non-toxicity, light weight, durability, and high elasticity. In actual use, the frame texture is relatively solid, and there is no light “plastic” sense”. The copycat product claims to use TR90 material. TR90 material is also a polymer material with memory function. It is ultra-light, ultra-tough, and chemically resistant. It is more suitable for use as a frame. Unfortunately, the surface treatment is relatively rough. There is always a lingering feeling of cheap plastic in the hand,

▲The Oakley uses Switchlock technology to quickly open the frame and replace the lens. Although the counterfeit product also uses a similar structure, the main body material and bearing of the mechanism are quite different from the original one, so the hand feel is not good. There are differences in specifications of lenses from different manufacturers, making it very difficult to change lenses.


▲Genuine Oakley Unobtainium non-slip rubber temples and nose pads enhance the grip and comfort of wearing, and reduce skin irritation. The nose pads and temples of counterfeit products have rough workmanship. And it is not clear which material they use. It is also worrying whether the pores of the unexplained rubber will release toxic substances after sweating during exercise.

▲The treatment of spherical joints can also show the attitude of genuine products and counterfeit products. It is also the main factor affecting the experience of use.

▲Through experiments, a problem unique to counterfeit products emerged. It is that the frame could not be closed naturally. It may be embarrassing caused by the elasticity of the materials used in counterfeit products and the tolerance of the mold.


▲Therefore, every time oakley replaces the lens, it must be “straightened” with great power.

▲In terms of weight, the knockoff Oakleys won, but it was not glorious to win by cutting corners.