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How to identify Oakley glasses are real or fake

Oakley glasses overturned the concept of traditional eye products, and its design can subtly blend the comfort, practicality and artistry of glasses. The production process of Oakley products is very rigorous. The materials and design of the products have gone through a series of advanced scientific experiments and tests. Oakley’s sunglasses have always been ahead of similar brands and have a high level of technology. Oakley sunglasses have to go through the real experience and testing of athletes in different sports. Oakley can also be the first choice for holiday gifts. However, in recent years, some merchants have appeared many imitations in order to pursue improper interests. Knowing some distinguishing skills about buying Oakley.

1:Look at Oakley’s glasses bag

Oakley’s glasses bag has a unique logo. Generally on the left or right side of the bag. This logo is a high-definition optical technology logo. The authentic Oakley spectacle bag is made of thick materials, fine texture, uniform color. And the stitching of the spectacle bag has the Oakley HDO high-definition optical technology logo. For imitation products, the spectacle bag equipped with the imitation product is not only obviously different from the original in terms of materials, but also does not have the high-definition optical technology logo. What’s more, it only has a simple printed logo on the bag body.

2:Look at the nose pads of Oakley glasses

The selection and design of genuine Oakley materials have undergone a series of scientific tests and have a high level of craftsmanship. The nose pads on the glasses are made of rubber, which is very soft and smooth. People will not rub the bridge of the nose and cause discomfort during long-term wearing. The material of imitation nose pads usually cannot reach a high level, and there is obvious discomfort after long-term wearing.

nose pads of Oakley glasses
nose pads of Oakley glasses

3:Look at the temples of the glasses

In order to ensure the comfort of wearing, Oakley glasses will take the distance between the two temples into consideration when designing. Take a closer look, we will find that the spacing of Oakley glasses will be wider, which is approximately equal to the average width of most people’s skulls. The distance between the imitation temples is much narrower. And it will feel oppressive if you wear it for a longer time.

temples of the glasses
temples of the glasses

4:Look inside the glasses case

The anti-loss sponge lining inside the lid of the genuine glasses case is made of high-temperature integrated molding. This glasses case has good elasticity, fine and even cotton foam, and smooth edges. It with good elasticity, fine and uniform cotton foam, and smooth edges. The damage-proof sponge lining of the fake Oakley sunglasses here is not integral. And the cotton foam is loose and the elasticity is poor. The glasses groove in the genuine glasses case is neatly cut and the gap is moderate. The glasses can be completely stuck in it after being put in. Even if the glasses case is upside down and the original attached lenses, they will not fall off, so as to ensure that the glasses are free of friction during carrying. The imitations are just a few simple foam pads.

This is what I want to share with you on how to distinguish the authenticity of Oakley glasses. If we understand these simple common sense. We can effectively avoid being harmed by fakes. In life, buying anything requires us to keep our eyes open.

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