Oliver Peoples Launches Resort Sunglasses Series

Los Angeles, California – Oliver Peoples’ Resort series shows the brand’s perfect craftsmanship with its exquisite and ingenious details. Each design has been ingeniously constructed, incorporating unprecedented unique custom elements. The series includes 4 sunglasses-Shai, Evey, Bianka and Irven, and two new optical lenses-Whitt and Elerson. In addition, the iconic Daddy B and M-4 30th have also launched a new color scheme.

Resort Sunglasses Series show a relaxed and stylish attitude with minimalism and avant-garde logo of the early 90s. Made of titanium, the shai with a retro oval frame and double beam design. So you can create a clean and modern fashion. Evey is a women’s sunglasses with sharp edges and corners, which makes confident women exude glamour. Bianka uses colorful beveled sheet material with a flat and long shape to inject a touch of special style into the classic cat eye. Irven is a unique unisex sunglasses. And the thick front frame of the plate texture highlights the charming avant-garde style.

The Resort Sunglasses Series of optical glasses products have added a new category, playing with the material of the sheet at will. Ultra-thin titanium metal design, showing elegant beauty and modern clean lines. The texture of the board highlights the exquisite gold and silver filament pattern, creating a unified style of decorative details. The material of the optical glasses, whether plate material, enamel metal or Windsor edged metal, has all undergone two-color treatment. As a retro-style optical mirror, Whitt reproduces the ultimate exquisite appearance with a simple aesthetic design. Elerson, an innovative work of brand lens shapes, has a natural and classic design.

Resort Sunglasses Series

The most iconic styles-Daddy B

First released this summer, the Daddy B became the most talked about sunglasses in the industry and is still well-known today. The sunglasses have appeared in many well-known magazines and are favored by countless celebrities such as Jay Z, Kate Moss, Kanye West and John Legend. Daddy B now launches four new colors.

Exquisite titanium frame with stylish and simple lines. Shai uses a double beam design with a smaller retro oval frame. The ultra-thin sheet material creates a bright and gorgeous visual effect.

Women’s angular fake sunglasses are designed for confident women. Decorated with the iconic feather engraved gold and silver filament craftsmanship, the frame, temple horns and temples are great. The upward design of the frame and the smart translucent lens make it even more eye-catching.

These sleek, flat cat-eye sunglasses are inspired by the fashion icons of the early 90s. Oliver Peoples gives it a unique style change. The color beveled sheet material combined with the vibrant glass lens exudes a charming modern charm.

Unique unisex sunglasses, thick frontal visual effects and thin frame top design exude a bold retro atmosphere. Create an avant-garde and dynamic frame.

The oversized frame design launched in this summer series. So the Daddy B has become one of the most watched sunglasses in the industry.

Reinterpret retro-style optical frames with minimalism. Made of ultra-thin titanium metal, these glasses is exquisite and outstanding.

An innovative creation of the brand’s lens shape, its design is natural and classic. So the functional decorations on the frames and temples complement the sheet material and the eye-catching bridge of the nose.

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