How to tell the authenticity of Oakley sunglasses

OAKLEY glasses are excellent glasses that combine function and fashion. It is also a popular brand. How to prevent yourself from buying fake and inferior OAKLEY, you can distinguish the authenticity from the following aspects.

authenticity of Oakley sunglasses

Glasses bag

The authentic OAKLEY spectacle bag is made of thick materials, fine texture, uniform color. There is Oakley HDO high-definition optical technology logo on it. Fake Oakleys generally do not have this high-definition optical technology logo, only a simple print on the bag body System identification.

Glasses case appearance

The authentic OAKLEY glasses case is made of smooth materials, fine and uniform texture, and fine workmanship. The texture of the imitation spectacle case is relatively rough and loose, especially the workmanship is far from the original one. And there will be burrs or threads.

Inside of the glasses case

The loss-proof sponge lining inside the cover of the authentic glasses case is made of high-temperature integral compression molding, with good elasticity, fine and uniform cotton foam, and smooth edges. The damage-proof sponge lining of the imitation product is non-integral. And the cotton foam is loose and the elasticity is poor. The glasses groove in the genuine glasses case is neatly cut and the gap is moderate. The fake Oakley sunglasses can be completely stuck in it after being put in. Even if the glasses case is upside down and the original attached lenses will not fall off, to ensure that there is no friction during the carrying of the glasses. The imitations are just a few simple foam pads.


The authentic temples and lenses have a strong sense of transparency. The logo is long and narrow, and the mosaic fits perfectly. In comparison, the fake logo is closer to an oval shape. The inlay is not perfect, and there will be burrs.

Glasses nose pads

The rubber gel of the nose pads of genuine OAKLEY glasses is soft and smooth, and will not cause discomfort by rubbing the bridge of the nose. And it fits closely with the lower frame of the glasses. The rubber at the imitation nose pads is relatively hard, which may cause discomfort when worn for a long time.


The distance between the two temples of the authentic OAKLEY glasses is relatively wide, which is approximately equal to the average width of most people’s skulls. And it is comfortable to wear without feeling of pressure. The distance between the imitation temples is much narrower. And it will feel oppressive if you wear it for a longer time.

Understand that to distinguish the authenticity from the physical appearance, the purchase channel should also choose large, regular merchants. You can buy it on Oakley sunglasses outlet, and there are also Oakley’s official stores on Amazon. Try to choose the way of offline purchase, get a clearer understanding of the details of the product, and more convenient after-sales service.

In a mixed trading market, if you want to buy authentic products, you need to keep your eyes open and be careful not to fall into the trap easily.

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