How to tell the real Oakleys from the fake

Check the packaging details of Oakley sunglasses.

Oakley sunglasses packaging details as shown above, glasses, cardboard box, dust bag, instructions and genuine warranty card is standard, glasses box is not all styles have.

Oakley sunglasses packaging carton, different styles of printing patterns will vary. At here to check the quality of the box printing is clear, the brand logo and descriptions match. Find out if your Oakley sunglasses are real today! The details of Oakleys helping you out when buying stuff online.

Oakleys packaging carton label All boxes should have a white label on the side. With two different bar codes and details corresponding to the style, color and model of the glasses. It is important to note here that the details should be consistent with the actual glasses and instructions.

The dust bag is standard for Oakley sunsunglasses, different styles of sunglasses have different patterns and so on, but the same is the surface is smooth, feel fine. Note that the alignment of the dust bag should be neat and delicate without wires. So the label should have Oakley’s oval O logo or HDO logo, embroidered logo should be clear and delicate, the pattern is correct.

Oakley sunglasses part of the style with glasses case. The eyeglass case has the oval O logo on the front and the zipper head. Note that the eyeglass case should be of high quality and the brand logo is exquisitely made without burrs, etc. Some Oakley eyeglass cases are handbags or other styles, but they should all have the oval O logo on them.

details of Oakley sunglasses

Check the workmanship of Oakley sunglasses and the information on the inside of the temples.

Oakley glasses have a military version also has a sports limited edition and many other types. Military version of the replaceable lenses as shown below will have the production date, brand logo and other information laser engraving. Noting that the engraving should be clear, neat, will not feel burrs, etc..

Oakley glasses legs and frame riveted parts usually have oval or square brand O-shaped logo. At here, pay attention to see whether the logo workmanship is exquisite. It should not be misaligned or gap skewed and other phenomena.

leg logo
Oakley sunglasses inside the left leg as shown below will have the model, focal length, size and other belief information, the middle will have a small Oakley O logo. And pay attention to these information should be consistent with the packaging label and other descriptions.

Oakleys left temple information
Oakley glasses on the inside of the right temple is the MADE IN U.S.A. logo, as well as the EU certification CE mark. Note that the origin will not have other countries, only the United States

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