Tips to spot fake Oakley sunglasses

Look at the glasses cloth

Genuine oakley eyeglass cloth is made of thick material, fine cloth grain, uniform color, and Oakley HDO high-definition optical technology logo on the stitching of the eyeglass bag. And fake Oakley generally do not have this high-definition optical technology logo, only in the bag body has a simple printed logo.

Look at the appearance of the eyeglass case

Genuine oakley eyeglass case with smooth material, fine and even texture, fine workmanship. And imitation glasses box texture is relatively rough and appears loose, especially the workmanship and authentic products have a large gap, there will be hairy edges or threads.

Look at the logo

Genuine eyeglass legs and lenses have a strong sense of transparency, the logo is narrow and inlaid with a perfect fit. The fake logo is closer to the oval shape in comparison, the inlay is also not perfect, there will be hairy edges appear.

Look at the glasses nosepiece

Genuine oakley eyeglasses nosepiece of rubber gel soft and smooth, will not rub the nose bridge and cause discomfort, and glasses under the frame highly fit. The rubber at the imitation nosepiece is hard and will cause discomfort when worn for a long time.

Look at the screws

Genuine glasses fixed screws are six-slotted plum buckle imitation inverted slip anti-loosening special screws. And the imitation screws are just ordinary four groove screws.

Look at the glasses legs

The spacing between the two legs of genuine oakley glasses is wide, about equal to the average width of most people’s skulls, comfortable to wear, no sense of pressure. The imitation leg spacing is much narrower, wearing a little longer will have a sense of pressure.

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