How to Spot Fake Oakley TwoFace Sunglasses

Oakley is a company that has been around for over 50 years. They make some of the most iconic sunglasses in the world and are known for their high quality products. However, Oakley Twoface, Oakleys are also very popular knockoffs on the street, as well as in surfing and skateboarding culture. If you’re not careful, you could end up buying a fake pair of Oakley Twofaces In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips to help you spot the real Oakley from a fake so you can buy with confidence!

Check the price

The most obvious way to find out if your Oakleys Twoface lenses are fake is to see how much you’ve spent on them. If you buy sunglasses at a fraction of the MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price), they may not be genuine. The MSRP for each type is set at a specific number to ensure that the retailer gets enough profit for the wholesale price of sunglasses. A reduction in the suggested retail price by more than a reasonable amount should always be considered a red indicator.

Check the outer packaging

All Oakley sunglasses will be packaged in a cardboard box. The cardboard boxes we tested were fairly accurate replicas of the real thing, but they didn’t have any labels or barcodes on the outside to identify what was inside. On its packaging, the copycats used Oakley’s logo, but they were often blurry and low resolution due to the copycat black prizm everyday polarized glasses.

Check the Certificate of Authenticity

Available on any Oakley Twoface authentic sunglasses. As you can see in our movie, some fake frames come with this certificate and warranty card. However, we did notice that the shipping address on the fraudulent warranty card was completely wrong. View Oakley Twoface 009189

Check SKUs

The unique identifier for frame type, size, and color is the SKU (stock keeping unit), commonly referred to as the part number. On the inside of the temple arm, you’ll find it. Sunglasses start with the letters OO, while glasses start with the letters OX. After OO, the four-digit number corresponds to the frame model. After that, there’s a dash and other numbers associated with the colorway. The most straightforward way to ensure an authentic SKU is to enter the full SKU into Google. On the other hand, some knockoffs have the real SKU printed on the frame!

Check lens etching

‘PRIZM’, ‘POLARIZED’ or ‘PRIZM P’ will be engraved on the lenses of every genuine Oakley PRIZM eyewear. Any Oakley glasses that have an “O” on the lens and are not a prescription are fake. However, if you bought Oakley prescription glasses, the lenses will have an “O” engraved on them. If your sunglasses have non-PRIZM lenses, there will be no markings on the lenses.

Oakley Frogskins 009444F will not print or have logos on its regular over-the-counter lenses; instead, any logos will be etched. So if you notice paint on the glass, run it another way. It’s important to note that this only works with over-the-counter lenses. For example, the Oakley “O” may be engraved on the lower corner of a real Oakley prescription lens. Again, a tiny “O” will be cut into shots for ballistic and industrial shots. Matte black prizm for everyday wear with dual lightweight frames.

check stickers

Some fake lenses have stickers on them. For example, the “P” tag is very popular. However, this does not mean that the lenses are polarized. Other stickers are designed to look like lens etchings, but you can tell they’re not when you run your finger along the edge of the sticker. Additionally, the stickers on counterfeit Oakleys often leave residue on the lenses.

Check the hinges

Oakley’s unique frame material, O Matter, is used on most Oakley sunglasses. Because it’s made from pre-dyed nylon, the frame’s color remains the same on all corners and hinges. False edges may chip or peel, and the inside of the hinge may take on a different tint.

Check lens sharpness

Oakley High Definition Optics like the Oakley Half Jacket 009144 ensure your sunglasses are as simple as possible with good lens technology and laser protection products. The image may be distorted or appear larger compared to traditional sunglasses lenses. Oakley genuine lenses provide more precise and accurate vision of the surrounding environment without blurring or blurring of Oakley lens frame materials.

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